Oh my goodness,

Where can I even begin? Obviously I loved conference. I always do. But this time was different. Being in the CCM has been an incredible blessing, but being here for General Conference was something else. There was an incredible spirit present here as hundreds of young men and young women (really young, like 18-23 year olds) gathered in one purpose to hear the words spoken by men and women called to represent God. I know that they spoke to us in the way that the Father would if He were here. I have such a strong testimony of the prophet Thomas S. Monson and his counselors and apostles in the church. They are truly men of God and have been set apart to lead His church in these last days. 

Everyone keeps asking "what was your favorite talk" um, no. I can´t just choose one. Honestly, they were all amazing. There were certain things in each one that stuck out to me personally and individually. My mom shared a quote with me that she really enjoyed and it was one that I also had written down. It was before conference even started, but at the beginning during the intro clip Elder Hales said: "The greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. Remember the pattern recorded frequently in scripture: we gather to hear the words of the Lord, and we return to our homes to live them." I believe this is really true. There are so many talks and quotes and insights that I could share with you, but I encourage you to watch conference for yourself, or read it on the computer or on your phone or listen to it in the car. We are so blessed at this time to have so much access to the words of the prophets! Take advantage of these opportunities! I can´t wait to get to California and pick me up an Ensign and study that thing from cover to cover until next conference rolls around. 

Speaking of wanting to get to California, I can´t wait. The CCM is amazing and I honestly can´t even begin to describe or articulate the things that I´ve already learned here, but I know that I am meant to serve the people of California. Last night, we had to say goodbye to one of the districts in our zone. They all left for their missions to different places (Ecuador, Chile, Arizona, Texas, Peru) and it was really hard. I came to love them so much in such a small time. Like when Alma the younger says that his reunion with the Sons of Mosiah was made sweeter "because they were still my brethern in the Lord", I think it was harder to say goodbye because we were all united in such a honorable and heavenly cause. Everyone here are elders and hermanas in the Lord and so it makes our interactions that much sweeter, but our goodbyes bittersweet. No one is meant to stay in the CCM, I am so glad that they are off to where they have been called to, but it´s hard to see them leave me. I just can´t wait for my turn. I came to the CCM thinking I was here to learn Spanish, but I was wrong. This is a place to learn about the gospel, to learn to teach and preach and study and love as the Savior Himself would. I am learning Spanish, but it is because I am learning the Spirit and love. There´s a quote from Elder Bednar that says "We learned firsthand, from the Father of our spirits, a universal language- one that has the power to overcome emotional, physical, and spiritual barriers. That language is the pure love of Jesus Christ... As you become fluent in this language and use it in your interactions with others, they will recognize something in you that may awaken in them a long-hidden feeling to search for the right way on the journey back to their heavenly home. After all, the language of love is their true native language too." Ahhh I love that. And the pure love of Christ is charity. That´s what we learn in the CCM. EspaƱol comes only after. I can´t wait to get to Riverside and start spreading that love. 

I hope my emails make sense. For one, because I speak Spanish all day my English grammer and spelling is getting worse and two, I don´t have time to re-read them haha so I hope it all meshes like it does in my head. 

Thank you all for your words of love and encouragement. Thank you for your prayers. Missionaries need those prayers! I will attach some more pictures in another email or two or three, sorry about that, I am just only allowed to send so much at a time from these computes. Hopefully I can share more when I am in the states again.

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford

PS. Momma, I know you asked what I am going to do today for Pday, well it´s my companions birthday today, which is such a blessing that it´s on Pday! We went and got her a fresh new haircut this morning (SHE LOOKS SO SO CUTE) and then we´re going to do laundry and after our district is going to play beach volleyball and we´ll have lunch and a mini fiesta for Hermana Hellewell´s birthday and then our zone (which is like 3 districts combined) is going to play capture the flag. Afterward, I´m hoping to take a nap!