Oh my goodness. I have no time to write, but I have so much to tell!

I'll start with the biggest news first. I'M GOING TO BE A MOM!!! Ahhhh on Saturday morning our Mission President called and extended me a call to be a trainer for the next two transfers (12 weeks). This is a huge responsibility, but I am so excited. I feel as though I just got to my mission and barely finished my own training, in fact it was just 6 weeks ago. Now it's my turn to train a new missionary. I get to teach her about all the work we do here, how to measure and work for success, the way to find, plan, teach, and baptize!! All in Spanish. I am no where near capable of doing this on my own, but I know that with the help of the Lord all things are possible. That must be what President Mullen is banking on right now. When he called he told me that the way he could show the most trust and give the most responsibility to a missionary was to ask them to be a trainer! Wow. There are a few new Spanish speaking sisters coming in, so I don't know which will be my companion yet. I will find out tomorrow when they all arrive. Out of all the trainers I'm the "youngest" (in the mission), so I feel a little intimidated, but I am going to work as hard as I can, and I know that's all that matters. I found out that Hermana Castrillon has known this whole last transfer that I was going to train, and that is the reason we stayed together. President Mullen told Hermana Castrillon and asked her to help prepare me for this responsibility. She was an amazing trainer for me, so I am so glad to have such a great example to look up to and apply some of her qualities and attributes as a trainer while I take my turn to do so! Hermana Castrillon also got a call to be one of the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) and will be serving in Hemet, which is about as far away as you can get from where we are now. We call it the black hole--but there is a lot of work to be done out there, which, I'm sure is why she is being assigned there. She is pretty nervous, but excited too. Things are changing!

Our whole zone is being torn apart and completely redrawn this transfer, some of the areas are even changing. Our District Leader, Elder Romero, is going home and his companion, Elder Sy is getting transferred to a new area. So since they are both leaving the area we are having two Spanish Elders come in as our Zone Leaders, Elders Blomfield and Wilkes. Before we had English Zone Leaders and a Spanish District Leader. Now our District Leader will be English,Elder Thurman, who is also going to train and who has been serving for the last 4 transfers as an AP (Assistant to the President). Only two other Hermanas are staying in the De Anza ward with me, Hermana Carlson and Nelson, who will both be getting new companions as well. Man, so many changes! I am really sad that things are never going to be back to the way they are now since I love my area and my district/zone so much, but I am also really looking forward to what the future holds. I know that our transfers and companionships are inspired and directed by the Lord, and so even through all of my anxiety and anxiousness, I feel calm and peace.

The next big news is that on Saturday we had a HUGE Stake celebration for the Chinese New Year. There is a Chinese branch in our Stake and so it was a real big deal. I have never seen anything like it at church before. There was traditional dress and dancing, performances, food, and games. I loved it. And so did everyone else. Some of the Chinese Elders got to take part in the celebration and were able to dress as the Lions and Dragons! While I was there I met a member of the Stake Presidency, Elder Harris, briefly. He was very nice and just asked where I was from and how long I had been in my mission, etc. At that time, on Saturday night, I already knew I was going to be training, so when he asked if I would still be in the area for awhile, I told him I would most likely still be here for another 3 months. That was about it. But on Sunday night he called us and informed me that they had been trying to make assignments for Stake Conferences in the next couple months and wanted me to speak as the concluding speaker at the Sunday session, right before the closing remarks by our Stake President, President Jergensen. I was SO taken aback. I was surprised he even remembered my name, let alone felt impressed enough to invite me to speak at the Stake Conference! I am pretty nervous, but I really thankful for the opportunity to share with the members of the Jurupa California Stake. I don't know what I will be speaking on, but I should find out in the next few weeks! I will keep you updated, and if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! 

For the missionary work this week, it was great! We unfortunately, didn't have many people show up to church this week, but I have faith for the next one. Maria is on date for this Saturday, but she needs to get married first. Please be praying for her! Jose Arredondo and Jose Arellano are also on date for the end of the month and Judy Hidalgo for April 12th (happy birthday, Mom). Please keep them in your prayers! I can feel your prayers and I know that they are answered. You are a huge part of this work! Don't forget that. I love you all, and I hope you can feel my love and prayers as well. 

Other highlights from the week:
1. The Missionaries in our ward taught a member training on missionary work. Hermana Castrillon and I taught on Retention.
2. We did a service project out in a National (I beleive) Park. All the missionaries in our Stake went out and cleaned up the park. It was super fun!
3. For Hermana Castrillon's 10 month mark we went to get smoothies with boba. So good!
4. We are about to go have Sushi with a member so I think you should all be jealous! 

I love all of you. Don't give up. Be an example, and good things will come!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford

Chinese New Year Celebration with some of our Stake missionaries. Some of them are also hiding in the Lions!