So this week was super bomb because we got to go to the temple on Wednesday! It was such a great experience, like always. The spirit in the temple is just different. It's stronger. More tangible and prominent. The temple is rejuvenating!! I wish that, as missionaries, we had the opportunity to go more often but it's such a blessing when we do get to. 

Because of all the things going on this week, we didn't have a ton of proselyting time. At least not as much as we usually do. Pretty much our whole day on Monday was taken up with Elder Nielson and on Tuesday we had pday and Wednesday we went to the temple... so that cut out about 3 whole days of work. Hermana Emerson and I were really hurting for lessons toward the end of the week and it would have been real easy to give up, but we kept working hard and striving to go out on splits and the Lord really blessed us for our efforts. We were able to hit almost every single one of our goals for the week and the mission standard of excellence again! Now, numbers aren't everything, but it's a proof that God was helping us along as we needed those few extra lessons that we couldn't have gotten on our own! We also picked up some new investigators and 3/5 new investigators came to church this week! Along with Sulma and her family again :) 

I have to head out, but I want you all to know that I love you and I'm thankful for your prayers. I can feel their strength reaching me :) Have a wonderful week and don't forget to read and pray! 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford

Me really excited to have Cafe Rio before the temple! WOO Pork Salad all day.

This is my cute little (because I'm obviously taller) companion and I at the beautiful Redlands, California temple!