Hi All,

This is gonna be a short one!

This week has been crazy. We moved into an apartment where a bunch of Elders have been living for the past few years and I cannot even describe in words the horrors that awaited us there. I have never. Ewww. I decided that I'm not getting married because boys are gross. Sister Mullen told us that we didn't have to work all of Tuesday just so we could make the place nice enough to move into. By the end of Tuesday night it was definitely better, but we were still living out of our suitcases. So the beginning of our week went a little something like that. But then... we killed it! We had an amazing week full of blessings. We were able to find 7 new investigators and a couple very solid families! We also have 6 investigators who are super close to being baptized this month or early in November. Taking over two areas in a trio has been a little hectic, but the blessings are flowing in and now we have many more people to work with! It's been so good to see how much Hermana Sager and Hermana Babb have been taking the lead. I have been trying to lean back a little bit and let them take the reins. They are both amazing!! I am truly excited for this transfer and to see all the miracles play out. 

Last night I got a call from Hermana Castrillon updating me a little bit about how De Anza is. She told me that everyone is doing really well and she is working with a lot of the people we baptized down there, getting them temple ready! Especially the Soler family. Also, she said that a girl we worked with for months is finally getting baptized so I get to go down to see Diana Zavala get baptized on Saturday morning!! It's always so good to know that the people you worked with when you leave an area are still being taken care of and that the other missionaries are working hard with them. Diana has been ready for a long time and I am so excited to finally be able to see her down in the water!!! 

Today we played softball as a stake for our activity. It was super fun. Our team won, of course. But we don't keep score. Check the white handbook! Afterward we went to get Polar Pops from Circle K. They are huge sodas for 89cents that basically give you diabetes. All the Elders here are obsessed with them haha. They're disgusting but so good! I'll work it off when we go running tomorrow, right? Haha. Also we have Multi Zones this week on Friday and so I have to train again, that will be fun. It's on the talk called Missionary Work and the Atonement!! Look it up on Youtube it's a mash up of two talks. One by Elder Holland and the other by President Eyring. It'll make you cry! 

I love you all!! Have the best week ever. 
PS. this week I ponderized Ether 12:4, my favorite scripture. Let me know which one you all chose!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford