Hola :)

I just love you all so stinkin much. Thank you all for the wonderful support that I feel from each one of you!! This week has been a real good one. Hermana Babb and Sager and I are getting used to the trio life and we are learning how to get the teaching down a little smoother. It was a weird adjustment from two to three, but it's getting there! We also have a lot more opportunities for splits, so we are able to get more work done. Having two areas is rough because we just have so many people to visit (which is a good problem, right?). We sometimes feel a little overwhelmed, and stressed, but then we just use our face masks, see below. 

This Sunday was really great. We had the Garcia family, Marvin, and Betty at church. They are all progressing, just at different rates!! In sacrament yesterday we had a little extra time and so Obispo Stauffer got up and asked me to come and bare my testimony, but I was the only one he asked and so all the members got really confused and thought that I was leaving. I'm not leaving Hemet yet... but I'm pretty sure it will be coming next transfer. At least ten ladies in Relief Society came and asked me where I was going. They'll all be surprised when I show up at church again on Sunday haha. I was really grateful for the opportunity to share my testimony though!! 

Last night we ended our night at Marvin and Karla's house. Karla is a less active, and Marvin is investigating the church. They have been together for 8 years and have 3 kids but they're not married yet. They live in an apartment complex that is owned by members, and so they get to talk to them really often about the church. Marvin was expressing to us how much he loved church, how they felt so comfortable and welcomed there and how he felt that all the talks were directed toward him! He is currently on date for baptism, but he knows he needs to get married to Karla first. When we talked about that with them when we taught the first lesson, they seemed really apprehensive about the marriage. After church yesterday, Marvin says he really wants to get baptized!! He mentioned that to us, and said he knows that they needed to get married first. Then he stopped and looked down and said... "I've been talking to Hermano Garcia [the one who owns the apartments] and he said to be able to be married in your temples there is a lot of preparation. So how long do I have to wait to get baptized?" SO CUTE! He thought when we said he needed to get married first that he would need to be married and sealed in the temple before his baptism. Haha we obviously corrected him and then he was real excited. Woot! We're going back in a couple days to set a marriage date with them. Investigators are so cute. 

We are still working with a lot of other people and trying to get baptismal interviews this week for Betty and the Garcia family!! On Saturday I also got the opportunity to go to the baptism of Diana Zavala. I was so excited!! She had been waiting a really long time to be baptized and her face shone with excitement as we watched her take that step towards Christ in her life! I am so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity I have to share it with other people. 

Also, sorry for anyone's confusion. I didn't get on Facebook on Saturday and our mission doesn't have access to Facebook on iPads, we don't even have iPads haha, and no I'm also not home from my mission. A member I was with changed my profile picture on my account for me. That's all!! 

Have the best week ever :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Rutherford