This week has been really amazing. I love working with Hermana Fabian and Emerson. We all get along so well and click in the perfect way! Heavenly Father knows, He sends us who we need. They help me in ways that they don't even understand!
We were struggling all week with finding people to come out with us, the members just kept cancelling on us. But, we were able to make it work and were very persistent with the members and investigators we were going to see. We also had a goal of 8 new investigators for the week, and we were stuck with three at the end of Saturday night. We faithfully set our goal as 5 new investigators for Sunday, and we prayed and worked hard! We went out to contact a referral that we had seen from some of the English missionaries, and after finding the apartment, we were confused because it seemed that no one had talked to the Elders. Finally, we discovered that a young girl had talked with them with some of her older friends and asked them to send us (the Spanish missionaries) by so we could teach her mom, because she was going through a rough time. When the mom found this out she was so surprised and excited. Her husband of 17 years walked out on her and three kids a few months earlier. They were all going through a hard time, and especially the young daughter that asked us to come back. Her mom was so glad that the Elders had talked to her and that she was able to feel the Spirit. We had a wonderful lesson and picked up three new investigators with them. Now we were at six for the week, but we still needed two more. Around 8:10pm (we have a rule in our mission where if you're not in a door by 8:15pm you need to head home) we went to see a family that we had previously taught a few times but that we had recently had trouble getting in with. They weren't home. But when we turned around and walked down the stairs, we saw a young man playing basketball all by himself, we went over and contacted him. He was friendly and interested in learning how to come closer to the Savior. He invited his aunt out from the house and we sat at a cute picnic table they had in the front and had another lesson right then at 8:15pm, we got a return appointment and found our last 2 investigators. I know the Lord blessed us for our diligence in finding and working until the end of the night and end of the week. I know that if we hadn't been working hard in the days leading up to Sunday, we wouldn't have found those whom He had prepared. The Lord knows us and loves us. He wants to bless us, but sometimes He makes us work for it. I love this work and am so grateful to be here in the California Riverside Mission, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford