This week was a learning experience for sure. Not going to lie, it was hard. I am soooo grateful for companions after this week, I honestly felt so lost without one. I am really grateful for the chance that I had to work so closely with the members this week, and I pray that they now understand the NEED we truly have for their help in this work. Unfortunately because my body and mind were taking on so much stress from not having a companion, I got really sick this past week (if you look at the photo, the reason I'm so white is because the night before this was taken I had fainted and lost all my color!). Thankfully, I had amazing Sisters and Hermanas to help me out and take me in so I was never alone! I got a lot better and saw the Lord's hand in my life and in the area sooo much this past week. I know He was and is truly watching out for me at all times. He wants the best for me and for you. Trust Him! 

Today is the first day of my last transfer as a missionary (at least it's a 7 week transfer, right??). Where did all the time go? I will be working here in Riverside in ANOTHER TRIO. I'll be with Hermana Emerson (my second hija) and with Hermana Fabian! We are going to be taking over two areas, and so we'll have a lot of work on our hands, but we are all ready to dive in and do the work that the Lord has entrusted to us. Last night, as I was still without a companion, I joined another set of Hermanas. One of them had been having a hard time and feeling really lost in her purpose as a missionary, so she decided to ask one of the Elders to give her a blessing. We all went with her and ended up getting Priesthood blessings of comfort and counsel as well. What an amazing experience it was. I did not know how much I needed that blessing until I was receiving it. Elder Mock gave me the most beautiful blessing and assured me that Heavenly Father was pleased with all that I was doing and had already done on my mission. He blessed me to know that Heavenly Father accepted all my work and was proud of me for serving with all my heart, might, mind, and strength (see D&C 4). Wow! He also blessed me to be able to continue working hard and let me know that there were still many things for me to do in the missionary work here in Riverside, and afterward as well. How incredible is the Priesthood? How did Elder Mock know that is exactly what I needed to hear? How did he know what my heart had longed for, the reassurance that I'm working in the way of the Lord? I am so thankful for the restored Priesthood here on the earth today and all the wonderful, worthy Priesthood holders that bless us with this divine gift. I love you all and I want you all to know that I will continue working hard here in the field and forever to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring the world His truth. 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford

A nice little man gave us giant avocados from his tree. How sweet!

Hermana Emerson had her 20th birthday this weekend! It was a blast.