So Alicia and Edgar are getting married tonight on LEAP YEAR, so they only have to celebrate once every four years haha, and she is getting baptized on March 13. They are so fun and I have seen the gospel bless their family so much already!! We had dinner with them on Saturday night, so that's when we took this goofy picture. Also, MARVIN AND KARLA GOT MARRIED. Remember Marvin from Hemet? Unfortunately I couldn't go back for his wedding as it was outside our mission, but they finally were able to get married and he is getting baptized this month as well! 

On our way to church yesterday, this happened. A water bottle got a little too friendly with my skirt and spilled EVERYWHERE. We had to turn around, take a picture, throw my skirt in the dryer and then show up to church late. Ooops. But at least our investigators got there on time! :)

Never before in my life have I ever been so put down than in my time as a missionary. I have been ridiculed, made fun of, laughed at, and abused. But I have never been happier. This gospel brings true, lasting happiness. I wouldn't be anywhere else! I know that this is truly Jesus Christ's church. I know HE is at the head of it. I know this is HIS work, and that He went through so much more than I could ever imagine to help me in my times of need. No matter how good you are, someone will always find something "wrong" with you. The same was true for Him, the greatest of all. I've just learned to smile and love everyone. To never back down from my beliefs and to continue faithful. I know that He is my guide and will lead me where I need to go. 

I've been studying "The Living Christ" this week and trying to re-memorize it. What a powerful testimony from our leaders of the Church. I would encourage you all to read it as well. Study the scriptures that accompany it. And find for yourself your testimony of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and loves us too. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Rutherford