Okay so this title is Julio for two reasons. First because it's Julio (aka July) and alsoooo because JULIO CABRAL (the one who is the son of Hermana Ramirez, from Jurupa) IS GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!! He got his mission call to go to Ogden, UT Spanish speaking. You have no idea how big this is. When Hermana Castrillon and I were in Jurupa together he didn't even want to talk to us. He didn't come to church. He wasn't making good choices. Finally he started joining us for dinner. We would text him scriptures to real or quotes or mormon messages to watch and he came around little by little. He started coming to church again, he started blessing the sacrament, he baptized Peter, we encouraged him to get his Patriarchal Blessing and then right before I left for Hemet he received the Melchizedek Priesthood and turned in his mission papers!! Oh my goodness. This is so big. ALSO... HERMANA CASTRILLON AND I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH HIM TO RECEIVE HIS ENDOWMENTS. What?! Is this real life? I am too excited. I've been struggling the last couple weeks feeling like I haven't had a lot of success in Hemet and that a lot of people I had been working with in Jurupa were still struggling... but then this happens! I can't explain my joy. I am so excited for Julio and for all the amazing work he is going to be doing in Ogden. He is so ready to serve and bring more people unto Jesus Christ. We will be going to the temple with him sometime in August!

The second part of the heading is Sager. HERMANA SAGER is my new companion! She is too sweet. She's from Murry, UT and is really tall and has long gorgeous blonde hair and is really good at Spanish! I am so thankful to have a companion that loves working as much as she does. She is fearless and knows exactly why she's out here! What a blessing I have to work with someone as amazing as she is. I know she is going to help me a lot! We are already having lots of success together. Even with all my meetings and trainings and responsibilities as an STL in the last week we were able to meet most of our goals and have lots of successes. This is going to be a really exhausting 12 weeks. I'm already exhausted, but I love it. I know that I can make it through with the help of the Lord! Have a really great week. I love you all. 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford

I don't know why my camera has been so bad a pictures lately... but this is us! I'll send a better one next week. Isn't she gorgeous?!