So this week was insane. We had a baptism. SURPRISE!!

Remember Sulma, Rogelio, and Juan? Wellll... Their back! They came back about a week and a half ago, sorry that I never told anyone, I didn't have time to email much last week. Here's what happened: Heavenly Father blessed us and them. Hermana Sager and I have been working our tails off and praying for miracles. We set a baptismal goal and toward the end of the month it seemed impossible to hit it, or baptize at all. Then... Heavenly Father sent us our miracle. Sulma, Rogelio and Juan came back and got in contact with us! We were devastated when Rogelio didn't make his baptism a few weeks ago, but we never gave up working or hope for their futures! Juan and Rogelio were both so ready to be baptized, pretty much all we had to do was get the baptismal program set up and announce it in church. At the last minute Juan decided he didn't feel ready yet and so he chose not to take that step yesterday, but as soon as he saw his brother get baptized, he told me he wanted it too. He should be getting baptized in a week or two :) He just needed Rogelio to lead the way for him. The service was beautiful and there was a lot of ward support. We were so blessed to see so many people coming out to help out and give love and support to Rogelio. He is an amazing 10 year old boy and he knew exactly what he was doing by getting baptized yesterday. I love this gospel. I am so thankful for our Heavenly Father and that He has given us these opportunities to make covenants to return to Him someday!! Sulma was overcome by the Spirit and cried through most of the program. She expressed how grateful she is that we never gave up on her and how she desires to be baptized after her and her boyfriend are married (a process that we're working on right now). I know that this work is His and it's real! 

THANK YOU! My birthday was awesome. I am too loved and too spoiled! Thank you for all the cards and gifts and love that I felt slowing my way. Another boy in my district also had a birthday on July 18th and so our whole Stake threw us a surprise party! It was great. 

This week: Today is Monday and we just got back from a combined bowling activity (my top score 164). Tomorrow we have district meeting and a blitz. Wednesday we have the trainer/trainee meeting in Riverside. Thursday I have the Mission Leadership Council meeting which is like 8 hours, Hermana Castrillon and I will be going and our daughters will have to stay together and work in both our areas (they are totally being thrown into the fire by having STL moms). Friday we're going to a baseball game!!! Our whole mission is going to a semi-pro game in Lake Elsinore. I don't know why but they have a "Stormin Mormon" night every year and we're invited and we get to give service as well. I'm super excited. Saturday, Julio gets his endowments IN THE SAN DIEGO TEMPLE. That's right... Hermana Castrillon and I will leave our hijas again and go to San Diego, aka the most beautiful temple in the world, and go with Julio. This week is basically a party! Sunday, Rogelio gets confirmed and hopefully Juan will be baptized as well! 

I know I'm partying it up a lot down here, but don't worry, I'm working too! There is so much work to be done here in Hemet. I know that Hermana Sager and I are here together for a specific reason and she and I will see a lot of success as we continue to work and strive to be the best that we can be. There is a lot of relying on the Lord, but the more we do it, the easier it becomes. Soon His will and our wills will be the same because we will be able to submit completely to Him and preform His work to achieve the salvation of many souls. 

Hermanita Sager and I at the surprise birthday party

Juan in the black, Hno. Garcia, and ROGELIO. Me, Hnita Sager, and Hnita Emerson came back too :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Rutherford