This week though. It's been pretty crazy. 
Lunes: Bowling with our stake. 
Martes: District Development Meeting. Blitz. 
Miercoles: Trainer/ trainee meeting in Riverside- 1 hour to a from Riverside, 3 hour meeting.
Jueves: Missionary Leadership Council- 1 hour to and from Riverside, 7 1/2 hour meeting. Hermana Castrillon and I went together and our cute little ninas stayed by themselves and worked BOTH areas. They are too good!
Viernes: Weekly Planning, 4 hours. BASEBALL GAME!!! This was the crazy funnest thing ever. I can't believe our Mission President let all the missionaries in the mission go to a baseball game haha. It was awesome though. We were representing well!
Sabado: SAN DIEGO TEMPLE WITH JULIO AND MY BEST FRIEND HERMANA CASTRILLON. No. This was unreal. I can't even believe this happened. God is so good. 
Domingo: Rogelio's confirmation. He is literally the cutest little boy I know!! I can't wait for blessings to start pouring in on that family! Juan is next :)

We also did a lot of teaching this week. We were able to hit the mission standard of excellence again and to continue working on having progressing investigators! I love this mission. Also Baja Tacos has $1 Tacos during the summer. Too bad summer ends today according to Hemet, CA.


Baseball game at the Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore!! Stormin Mormon night!! 

The cutest little couple you ever did see. President and Sister Mullen have completely changed my life and my way of thinking. I love them!

Don't be fooled. Those pretzels were real gross! A member spoiled us and made us get them though!

Oh right... just casually at the SAN DIEGO TEMPLE!! So beautiful. I wish I could send home a million and a half photos.

This was right after the session with Dani (Julio's little sister), Me, Hermana Castrillon, Hna. Garcia (his mom), and JULIO!!!

 A perfect day in San Diego, CA :) This is when we first arrived around 9 am.

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford