This week was bomb. Hermanita Sager and I worked hard and smart and we definitely saw the fruits of our labors. I love when that happens! I feel that for awhile we were working with some people who weren't really progressing but we had come to love them so much that it was way hard to "drop" them as investigators. We've been praying a lot to know the things that we needed to do in order to have progressing investigators and more people who were committed to a baptismal date. This week we worked really hard on that, and although we needed to cut ties with some people whom we love so much, I know that it is a blessing because it is giving us the opportunity to work more with people who will actually progress and not waste our time. Our time is so precious, and we need to make sure that we're using it in the way that the Lord wants, and with the people that He has prepared to receive us! We now have 5 more investigators on date and we also had a baptism this weekend for Juanito. He is so stinkin adorable!! I'm going to send a bunch of pictures because I've been super lacking on that lately. Here we go! 

 The members here think we don't eat, so they give us a whole salmon at a time. This is at Hermana Fonseca's house, and her husband is a truck driver. His route is to go to Seattle and so he always brings home fresh NW fish and seafood! This beautiful little salmon reminded me of home :) He was delicious.

Hermana Sager says she "doesn't like fish", welp, you best believe she loved that salmon! Ate the whole darn thing. (Also, this was after a huge rainstorm, yes, it rains here, it's still just 100 degrees while it does. Excuse our appearance.)

This is Elder Fischer and Elder Dyer, our Assistants to the President. They're MATCHING. I admire these Elders a lot for all the work that they do for President Mullen, aside from carrying a full proselyting load!! Also, I'm glad that I'm not an AP because they never get to sleep.


This was at ZDM, and this is what it looks like when you let an Elder take a picture with your camera. Nice try, Elder Fischer. 
Top Row: Elders Page, Mercado, Mulcahy, Williams, Delvecchio, Gillete, and Waldron (missing Elder Harmon)
Seated: ME, Hermanas Sager, Babb, and Castrillon :)

Look at this HAPPY family. Their transformation has been unreal. Rogelio and Juan are both baptized now. And Zulma is next! She is waiting on her divorce papers so she can get married to her boyfriend then it's her turn to get in the water! I love this family so much. I remember the first time they came to church, they were in sweats and being dragged along by their neighbor, the boys sat on their phones the whole time. Now look at them! WHITE SHIRTS AND TIES. They're just preparing for their future missions :)

Look at these two. Stealing my heart! Juan took a long time to decide to be baptized, but man, it was worth the wait! 

Here he is in his white lil' jumpsuit!!!! Hermanita Emerson got to come too, whooooop

Have the best week ever, all!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford