To everyone in the whole world,

This week was all over the place. We had 2 exchanges, multi-zones (my last one, so I had to bare my outgoing testimony), a world-wide missionary broadcast, and I had a very hurt companion.

Riverside is poppin. There is a lot of work here, and we are finding like crazy. Right now our biggest struggle is getting people to church, but we are working on it. We had 8 come last week and then this week... 0. So the work is just really inconsistent in that sense. A lot of people grew up "Catholic" so they are only used to going to church on Easter and Christmas, or for parties like a wedding. We are working really hard on setting solid expectations about reading, praying, and coming to church. We are also inviting everyone we meet! Another big factor in that is that Hermana Engberson has had to stay home a lot lately. She has a really bad back from being in car accidents, and so sometimes her back just seizes up so much that she can't really move. Anyone have any suggestions? Let us know! 

I went on exchanges with Hermana Brown to DE ANZA on Thursday and Sister Pielstick came to Riverside to work in the big city with me on Saturday. Both exchanges were really awesome. I love getting the chance to with the Sisters as a Sister Training Leader. I know they teach me a lot more than I could ever teach them though. On our exchanges on Thursday I got to see a few of the people I used to teach, and one of my converts from the De Anza ward, Hermana Galvez. She is so stinkin cute and is working on preparing to go to the temple right now! I was filled with so much joy as I was able to talk with her and hear of her preparation and love for this gospel. I know this gospel changes lives. It's changed mine for sure and I was reminded of that as I was able to bare my outgoing testimony on Friday at multi-zones. 

On Wednesday we had a world-wide missionary broadcast from the missionary department of the church. It was beautiful! This is the take away: teach repentance, and baptize converts. That is our main purpose as missionaries here at this time. Don't forget the basics like: reading, praying, revelation through the Holy Ghost, church attendance, and teaching people, not lessons. This is the Lord's Work and we must do it in His way.

I love you all. Be good.

So this is elote. It's just corn on the cob, but Mexican style so it's got mayonnaise, butter, cheese, and chili on it. Don't ask, just eat it!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford