This has been the weirdest week of my life, and it's only getting weirder from here! I'm without a companion right now and won't be getting another one for a week or so... Hermana Engberson was having a lot of problems with her back and ended up needing to go home to get it all checked out, so she left on Saturday. The whole week leading up to Saturday was full of meetings (including Missionary Leadership Council for me) and staying home, she really wasn't able to work a lot at all, so not a whole lot of proselyting got done. It was really hard to see her go, but hopefully she'll be back and a lot less in pain! So for the next week I'll be flying solo. Well, not really because I technically can't be alone! I'm going to try to find as many Hermanas from the ward as possible to help me out and go out with me so I can still be getting work done in my area. When no one can go out with me then I'll just join another set of Sisters and work wherever they are at the time. It's going to be really interesting. I'm already exhausted and confused and completely humbled, but I know it will all work out. The Lord knows what needs to be done and how to do it, so I just need to rely on Him.

Although I really only had part of Saturday to work in our area, we still have a couple investigators who are progressing, especially Griselda!! She came to Church on Sunday alone, so we are hoping her sons will be with her next Sunday, and right now she's on date for the 28th of February, be praying for her!! Right now we are working with her to read more steadily in the Book of Mormon. That book has POWER! Read it.

Sorry to everyone who emailed me last week! Something has been wrong with my account and so I keep getting emails hours or even days late. So all the ones you sent last week, I just saw today. Also, it seems like some letters and things people have sent me have been getting sent back. Your safest bet is to just send everything to the mission office. I'm there all the time, so it will still get to me quickly!! I love you all :) 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rutherford

Hermana Engberson and I right before she left! Excuse my weird hand.